"Licht - Linie" Orrick House - Düsseldorf

Born in 1981, the twins began working together on their pictures in university. While at university, the artists also discovered glazing, perfecting the process with each picture until the results achieved were possible only with four hands and two hearts. 
 The subject of their paintings is light. Light originating from unfathomable depths. Light creating atmosphere and with it moods and feelings. Light existing without the contemplation of representationalism – rings of light, lines of light. The elaborate, multi-layered composition of colours in their pictures defies the actual ephemerality of colour when this is forced to forgo the purchase of concrete shapes, thereby creating a lasting depth. The viewer is both captured and pulled in by light, into the endlessness of the pictures. In this way, the recollection of the landscapes of their childhood home of Kazakhstan is transformed into discrete, highly personal paintings. The pictures by Irina and Marina Fabrizius no longer reference the sun as a natural source of light, but hold instead an inner light, whose energy feeds wholly upon painting.